Capo x Simone


* Custom made cap painted by Simone Belli
* Baby Blue
* Comfortable fit
* 100% cotton
* Medium profile cap
* Open metal buckle with notch
* 1 size fits all (adjustable) 



Capo x Simone collab

This special collection  of Capo Caps painted by Simone Belli. Each cap is unique and different. This way you can buy a cap that no one else has. All colors we release are one-off to keep it even more exclusive!

Simone Belli

Simone is an artist born in Roma and lives in Amsterdam. after the release of the Capo brand, Simone was equally impressed. An Amsterdam brand with an Italian twist is like Simone itself. Simone works from his studio at the NDSM where he makes and presents his paintings. Feel free to come by to admire his work and maybe he is busy with your future cap!

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